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Ambarella prioritizes environmental stewardship across our business operations, from product design to supply chain partnerships. As a fabless semiconductor company, we focus our sustainability efforts on several key areas, including supporting our suppliers’ environmental commitments; continuously improving the power efficiency and longevity of our products; lowering our consumption of energy, paper and water in our office buildings; and responsibly disposing of electronic waste.

Prioritizing Environmental Consciousness

Fabless production

Because the fabrication and assembly of Ambarella’s semiconductor products is performed by third parties, our primary in-house focus is on hardware design and software development. This production model dramatically reduces our direct environmental impact; though we recognize our responsibility to ensure we select and work with manufacturers and vendors who demonstrate a commitment to operate sustainably when bringing our products to life. Ambarella is committed to taking great care in its decisions regarding supply chain partnerships, to help ensure that the environmental impact of our products is reduced. More specifically, we request that suppliers institute an environmental policy that is proportionate to the environmental risk of their business, and that they follow procedures that ensure plants and equipment are operated in ways that minimize any effect on the environment.


  • Ambarella’s fabless production model means that our responsibility is to monitor the environmental impact caused by the manufacturing and assembly of our products by third parties.

  • Ambarella’s team of third-party suppliers and vendors specialize in advanced, efficient manufacturing and assembly processes, and these third parties are expected to operate in the most environmentally responsible manner possible.

  • Ambarella has been certified as ISO 14001-compliant for the design and manufacture of its products. We also require our third-party manufacturing vendors to maintain ISO 14001 certifications.

  • We are committed to limiting the use of certain hazardous substances in the design and manufacture of our semiconductor products. We support key initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of our products and the manufacturing processes of our supply chain, including compliance with the European Union’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive, which prohibits the use of specific hazardous materials in electrical and electronic products.

Green offices

The environmental footprint of our offices represents an important opportunity for effecting positive environmental change as a company. With that in mind, Ambarella works to reduce the environmental impact of our office space through the implementation of energy-efficient HVAC systems, electric vehicle charging stations, a broad recycling program that includes electronic waste, and subsidized public transportation for employees.


  • Headquarters upgraded with 7 new, more energy-efficient HVAC units in the year 2020

  • Worked with landlord to install EV charging stations, and water-efficient toilets and faucets at our headquarters

  • Built in 2018, our Parma office building is constructed entirely from engineered timber products and thick recyclable cork panels. All light sources are high-efficiency LEDs regulated by motion sensors

  • Electronic waste recycling program for cables, monitors, laptops, towers, lithium batteries, cables, and servers

Responsible supply chain

As a fabless semiconductor company, Ambarella focuses our resources on design innovation, relying on third-party supply chain vendors to manufacture and assemble our products. We make it our responsibility to cultivate strong relationships with forward-thinking companies that take environmental stewardship seriously. Ambarella’s supply chain consists of industry-leading organizations that share our ESG values, as outlined in our supplier code of conduct.


Product efficiency

Leveraging our innovative design approach, combined with advanced process technologies, Ambarella has become an industry leader in power efficiency and AI performance per watt. This focus on minimizing the energy consumption of our products has been true since the company’s founding in 2004. Across multiple generations of semiconductors, Ambarella has demonstrated our commitment to efficiency, starting with our original line of low-power chips for handheld video cameras, and continuing today with our leading-edge AI chips for automotive, security, and robotics applications. Energy efficiency has always been part of our corporate DNA—we pioneered it within the industry.


  • 10x better power efficiency versus leading GPU competitor. For example, our CV3-AD685 SoC’s typical energy requirement is as low as 30W. Compared with other SoCs in its class, this can mean a minimum estimated range gain of 30 km for an electric vehicle with the same battery capacity. Alternatively, the battery cost can be decreased significantly and battery mass can be reduced by several kilos while maintaining the same range.