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Application / Security

Towards a safer world.

Ambarella is a worldwide leader in both home security and professional surveillance, with solutions ranging from smart video doorbells to advanced 4K multi-imagers with onboard analytics. We deliver exceptional computer vision performance, industry-leading compression efficiency, low power consumption, and outstanding image quality—including HDR, low-light processing, and dewarp—and we do it all securely, on the edge. The result? Advanced computer vision at the highest resolution with nearly instantaneous processing, minimal operating costs, and total privacy, without the need for the cloud.


Technology in Action

Smart Security in the Home

An animated overview of our consumer security approach.

Intelligent Professional Security

Our vision for smart retail surveillance.

Traffic Camera With Computer Vision

Traffic camera showing vehicle, person, and sign detection.

Security on the Roadway

Our CV22 chip performing vehicle make, model, and license plate recognition.

Record Critical Details

Security cam footage with enough detail to read signs, license plates, even facial expressions.

Security Applications

  • Indoor/Outdoor Security

    Our powered indoor and outdoor solutions offer complex person/vehicle detection and face recognition on the edge, surpassing the performance of most GPU-based systems—all at a fraction of the power budget.

  • Multi-Sensor/Multi-Directional Security Cameras

    Combining multiple sensors in a single casing, our multisensor cameras deliver 360° coverage of the target environment at extremely high resolutions, all using a single-chip design.

  • ITS & Traffic Cameras with Computer Vision

    Our traffic cameras and intelligent transportation systems (ITS) solutions are designed to enhance roadway security with a combination of person and vehicle detection, vehicle make/model recognition, and automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) capabilities.

  • Retail Cameras with Onboard Analytics

    In-store cameras are useful for more than just security—they offer retailers the opportunity to analyze customer behavior, traffic patterns, and areas of high or low interest. Ambarella chips combine cutting-edge surveillance features with next-generation analytics capabilities, enabling better inventory control, product placement, customer tracking, ad campaign targeting, and staffing adjustments—without relying on the cloud.

  • Powered Indoor AI Cameras

    Ideal for home use, our smart AI cameras offer person/pet detection, face detection and recognition, and fall detection (e.g., for elder care), delivering a security system tailor-made for the individual consumer.

  • Low-Power Wire-Free Cameras with Intelligent Alerts

    Delivering reliable person detection and person/pet/vehicle classification, our wire-free cameras provide the alerts consumers need most, without pestering them with false alarms.  And because we offer a Quick Motion Detect feature, our solutions don’t drain the camera’s battery with lengthy (and unnecessary) wakeups.

  • Smart Video Doorbells

    Our doorbell solutions deliver person detection, face detection and recognition (including “familiar/unfamiliar face” alerts), and package detection on the edge, offering low-latency performance without the cost and lag-time of the cloud.

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