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Improving the World Through Innovation

At Ambarella, we create world-changing technologies. But our goal isn’t simply to change the world—we are here to improve it. Our passion is to develop products that make our roadways safer, our home life more comfortable, our workplaces more convenient, and our public spaces more secure. Ambarella strives to enhance the communities we serve by delivering revolutionary innovations that make a global difference in the way we live.

Our Products Deliver Safety and Security

Making our roadways safer

Ambarella’s products enhance driver safety by enabling the detection and prediction of potential hazards on the road. By powering driver assistance systems—including adaptive cruise control, lane departure warnings, and automatic emergency braking—our technologies also help prevent accidents caused by common driver errors. Moreover, we enable products that improve driver monitoring by detecting signs of distraction or fatigue, alerting drivers to their current state of mind, and encouraging engagement. The primary mission of our automotive business is to develop innovations that enhance driver safety and reduce the number of roadway incidents—making the world a safer place for all.

Smart buildings and cities

Ambarella’s AI-enhanced IoT (internet of things) and access control solutions are revolutionizing the way we live in and manage municipalities worldwide. Our technologies enable sensor and device data to be used in real time to analyze and manage public resources more efficiently and effectively, while our access control applications—such as biometric identification, 3D electronic locks, and occupancy sensing—create smarter buildings that can actually recognize authorized users and anticipate their needs. At Ambarella, we believe that technologies like these have the potential to dramatically improve the quality of life in the world’s cities, and we are passionate about pushing these solutions forward globally.

Intelligent security plus individual privacy

AI-enabled security cameras powered by Ambarella technologies have become a vital tool in maintaining public safety in residential areas, businesses, and public spaces by processing and analyzing video footage inside the camera, as events occur and unfold. At the same time, we recognize the importance of balancing public safety with privacy concerns. To protect privacy, our technologies allow the anonymization of nearby individuals who are uninvolved in security incidents, lowering the risk of unauthorized surveillance practices. For complete privacy, on-camera AI processing also means that the actual video never needs to leave the device—only alerts or metadata are sent. In addition, we support the use of encrypted data transmission and secure storage methods to protect the privacy of individuals whose images are captured by security cameras, and we advocate for the adoption of common-sense legislative policies to protect privacy. At Ambarella, we believe both are possible—public safety can be enhanced by AI-powered cameras while also ensuring the protection of individual privacy rights—and we are committed to helping achieve this critical balance.

Artificial intelligence for the good of humanity

Ambarella technologies enable the deployment of AI-powered smart video cameras, and we care deeply about how those cameras are used in the world. The products we develop are general-purpose in nature, enabling specific applications developed by our customers. When we provide tools to help developers create applications incorporating our products, we focus on enabling them to create and accelerate socially beneficial applications that will promote human welfare. Although we lack control over the end-user applications of our technologies, we do not support any third party who would develop a device or application for an unethical use case. We enable the inclusion of features that protect privacy, including measures such as anonymization and blurring to protect identities. In addition, Ambarella supports the establishment of clear and transparent policies and guidelines around the use of AI cameras, including the type of data collected and how it will be utilized, stored, and secured. We believe that AI-enabled cameras, when implemented properly, have the potential to act as a global sensing network that can be used in a variety of ways to better our world—detecting wildfires early, following weather patterns, monitoring pollution, and more.