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Cooper™ Developer Platform

Ambarella’s Cooper™ Developer Platform is a comprehensive hardware and software solution for edge AI systems, providing powerful, safe and secure compute and software capabilities. It includes Cooper Metal for industrial-grade hardware, along with Cooper Foundry, which provides a multi-layer software stack featuring Cooper Core, Cooper Foundation, Cooper Vision, and Cooper UX.

Omdia White Paper and Joint Webinar

Explore the future of Generative AI at the edge with Omdia’s independent white paper, commissioned by Ambarella. Principal Analyst for Advanced AI Computing, Alexander Harrowell, offers his insights and Omdia’s data on the significant increase in performance and capabilities that will be brought about by the deployment of Large Language Models and GenAI at the edge—and the market opportunities that presents.

Additionally, watch a joint webinar from Omdia’s Harrowell and Ambarella’s Director of Product for AI/ML, Amit Badlani. They provide added perspective on the trends and technologies for achieving scalable GenAI in edge-endpoint devices and on-premise hardware, such as video security analysis, robotics and industrial applications.

Performance, Power-Efficiency, and Security at the Edge

Cooper provides a flexible, modular developer environment supporting Ambarella’s entire portfolio of AI SoCs, including the following Cooper Foundry software modules:

  • Cooper Core offers a Linux-based OS, compiler and SDK
  • Cooper Foundation enables the building and deploying of machine learning applications at the edge
  • Cooper Vision includes essential building blocks for multi-modal sensor processing and fusion, including data from cameras, radars and LiDARs
  • Cooper UX provides analytics and development

In addition to our comprehensive suite of prepackaged development tools, this platform also offers seamless integration with widely used open-source software tools. All of the above runs on Cooper Metal, which is a hardware layer consisting of AI SoCs, developer kits and modules.


Cooper enables a broad range of AI applications, including robotics, AIoT, automotive, industrial intelligent video analytics, and video conferencing.

Cooper Developer Kits

The Cooper Metal hardware includes two industrial-grade Cooper Developer Kits pre-loaded with enterprise-level software.

Product Image
Cooper Mini Cooper Max
Product Name
Cooper Mini
Cooper Max
AI Performance Embedded-class AI performance
(SOTA transformer network support)
Server-class AI performance
(SOTA transformer network support)
System on Chip (SoC) CV72 N1
Software Cooper Foundry 1.0 Cooper Foundry 1.0
Networking 1x 1 Gb Ethernet RJ45 Port 2x 1 Gb Ethernet RJ45 Port
1x 10 Gb Ethernet
Wireless Wireless dongle included Wireless dongle included
Bluetooth Bluetooth dongle included Bluetooth dongle included
Product Brief CV72 Cooper Mini Developer KitRegistered users only N1 Cooper Max Developer KitRegistered users only
Sensor Interfaces 1x CAN, 2x MIPI, 2x GMSL Quad 1x CAN, 2x MIPI, 2x GMSL Quad
Memory 8 GB 64 GB
Storage 64 GB 128 GB
USB Debug 1x USB 2.0 Micro-B 1x USB 2.0 Micro-B
USB Data 1x USB 3.2 SS Type-C 1x USB 3.2 SS Type-A
1x USB 3.2 SS Type-C
Display 1x HDMI 2.0 1x HDMI 2.0
Audio 1x 3.5mm headphone / microphone 1x 3.5mm headphone / microphone
Max Power 20 W 90W
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