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Application / IoT, Industrial & Robotics

AI for the real world.

Artificial intelligence is changing the way we live our lives—at home, in the workplace, on the roadways, and more. Whether scanning an item, guiding a vehicle, inspecting a product, securing an entryway, or performing nearly any task typically reliant on human vision, these AI systems require high-resolution sensing cameras to do their jobs effectively. Which is why Ambarella has developed a series of processors specifically designed to deliver a combination of outstanding computer vision performance, industry-leading neural network processing, stereovision capabilities, and high-resolution/high-framerate video analysis—all while consuming minimal power. Our advanced vector processors can handle an array of complex neural networks, while our superior video processing pipeline enables operation in challenging lighting conditions such as high-contrast scenes and extremely low-light environments.


Technology in Action

When Privacy is Paramount

Our sensing camera solutions are designed for applications where anonymity is a must.

An Introduction to Janus

An animated overview of Janus, our jointly developed access control solution.

Robots in the Home

Learn about our approach to intelligent consumer robotics.

IoT, Industrial & Robotics Applications

  • Access Control

    Our access control solutions use face recognition and 3D sensing to improve building security, offering advanced features such as spoof detection, anti-tailgating, frictionless enrollment, and more.

  • Mobile Payment

    Ambarella enhances mobile payment systems in retail stores by delivering face recognition with 3D liveness detection, significantly reducing the likelihood of identity theft during checkout.

  • Warehouse Management and Logistics

    Our solutions use advanced computer vision to help identify and organize inventory, automate quality control, and optimize transportation and delivery, improving warehouse management and streamlining logistics.

  • Home Automation

    Enabling everything from smart refrigerators to intelligent security systems, our processors enhance convenience and safety in the home by automating processes typically dependent on human vision.

  • New Retail

    Combining computer vision, deep learning, and sophisticated sensor fusion, our processors allow retail stores to identify products on shelves and automatically detect their removal, enabling “grab and go” frictionless shopping without checkout lines.

  • Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)

    With stereovision capabilities as well as CNN-based object classification, our solutions are ideal for the fully autonomous delivery of goods between businesses, neighborhoods, and homes.

  • Consumer Robots

    From autonomous vacuum cleaners to robotic toys to AI-powered personal assistants, we offer a range of affordable computer vision solutions designed specifically for consumer robotics applications.

  • Smart Sensors

    Our sensing solutions are engineered to quickly extract input from the physical environment, analyze the incoming data, and deliver the appropriate feedback, with low-latency, low-power responsiveness.

  • Industrial & Machine Vision

    Our industrial and machine vision solutions are designed to monitor production lines, detect product defects, track inventory, and guide assembly robots, resulting in improved quality control, a reduction in errors, and greater cost savings.

  • Occupancy Monitoring

    When privacy is essential, our sensing camera solutions for occupancy monitoring allow anonymized data to be collected and analyzed in settings ranging from retail stores to vacation rental properties, with no audio or video ever leaving the camera device.

  • Elder Care

    Our sensing camera solutions for elder care combine 24/7 monitoring with guaranteed privacy, delivering automated alerts to caregivers in the event of an emergency, without recording any audio or video.

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