Autonomous and Semi-Autonomous Driving

Combining pioneering research in environmental perception with advances in DNN (Deep Neural Network) processing, Ambarella’s autonomous technologies have performed successfully in a variety of demanding scenarios, including the DARPA Grand Challenge (2005), a trip from Italy to China in full autonomous mode (2010), driverless navigation at highway speeds (2015), and the launch of EVA: Embedded Vehicle Autonomy (2018 - pictured).

Ambarella continues to advance its research in critical areas of autonomous vehicle development such as vehicle detection, obstacle detection, pedestrian detection, lane detection, traffic sign recognition, and terrain mapping, as well as issues related to technology commercialization, such as system calibration, illumination, noise, temperature, power consumption, and installation requirements.

  • Ambarella's CVflow architecture delivers stereovision processing and deep learning perception algorithms to self-driving and other automotive applications, including ADAS, electronic mirror, and surround view
  • CVflow architecture is fully-programmable and highly-efficient, providing significant computer vision performance with very low power consumption
  • Stereovision processing provides the ability to detect generic objects without training, allowing more robust decisions to be made in ADAS and autonomous vehicle applications

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Smart Electronic Mirror Solutions

Replacing a vehicle's mirrors with viewing cameras is a demanding task. These cameras must provide latency-free, reliable video that consistently outperforms the optical mirrors they replace. Ambarella viewing cameras enhance the visibility of traffic, filter out distracting glare and LED flickering from headlights, improve fuel economy by reducing drag, and offer intelligent safety features such as Blindspot Monitoring and Overtaking Vehicle Detection.

  • Multi-exposure HDR processing provides superior visibility even in low light or high contrast scenes
  • LED flicker mitigation dramatically reduces artifacts introduced by LED headlights and traffic signs
  • Up to 4K UHD performance
  • The A9AQ SoC can simultaneously drive video to up to three in-car displays for rear, left side and right side electronic mirror applications
  • Computer vision features such as Blindspot Monitoring and Overtaking Vehicle Detection

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Intelligent 360° Surround View Systems

Ambarella’s 360-degree surround view solution uses multiple cameras to present a single, unified image of the vehicle from a top-down, bird’s eye view. Offering both 2D and 3D operations, intelligent parking assist features, as well as recording and streaming capabilities, Ambarella’s four-channel surround view systems provide drivers with unobstructed, distortion-free views of the vehicle from every side.

  • Reduces the risk of high-speed roadway accidents (e.g., from improper lane changes) as well as low-speed “fender benders”
  • Intelligent parking assistance
  • Up to 4K UHD performance
  • Multi-exposure HDR processing provides superior visibility even in low light or high-contrast scenes

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Drive Recorders

When the primary goal is to capture the highest-quality video—whether to test vehicle performance, to gather critical evidence, or purely for the enjoyment of the road—Ambarella is an established leader in the field, offering both aftermarket and OEM drive recording solutions.

  • Single- and multi-channel recorders
  • Automotive-level certification and optional front ADAS features available
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR), 3D noise filtering, smart auto-exposure, and 4K UHD oversampling provide superior image quality, allowing the capture of license plates and other key details, even in low light conditions
  • High resolution allows a wider field of view to be captured, while maintaining a high level of detail

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