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Application / Automotive

A new standard in automotive.

Ambarella’s automotive solutions are designed for both human and computer vision, combining high-resolution imaging and neural network processing into a single, low-power embedded platform. We specialize in edge devices with low latency, high efficiency and exceptional performance, including front ADAS cameras, smart electronic mirrors, drive recorders, fleet management solutions, DMS/OMS, and more.


Technology in Action

Exterior Sensing Overview

Learn more about our advantages in L2+ and front ADAS applications.

Interior Sensing Overview

A short animated video about our interior sensing solutions.

CES 2020

A recap of our 2020 event held during CES in Las Vegas.

CVflow® Examples

Sample clips from our CVflow platform: tracking, segmentation, depth, and more.

EVA Stereo Camera Perception

Actual short- and long-range camera outputs, including the resulting dense point cloud.

CVflow® Overview

Learn more about our CVflow® advanced computer vision architecture.

EVA in Italy

Our EVA autonomous vehicle on the famous Lingotto rooftop test track in Turin.

Embedded Vehicle Autonomy

Our EVA autonomous vehicle perception platform in action.

Smart Electronic Mirrors

Learn more about the benefits of electronic mirrors.

Driver Monitoring System (DMS) in Action

A demonstration of Driver Sense by Eyesight Technologies, an Ambarella partner.

Stereo Camera Performance

Long- and short-range stereo performance, both day and night.

Autonomous Vehicle Timeline

A brief history of Ambarella’s autonomous vehicle technologies (1998-2016).

Driverless Car Ride – 2013

A car ride from Parma University to Parma downtown, with no human intervention.

From Italy to Shanghai

Four autonomous vehicles left Italy on July 26, 2010 and arrived in Shanghai on Oct 28, 2010.

The Surround View Perspective

See your vehicle from any angle with surround view (AVM), increasing safety and security.

Wide Field of View

Get a clear picture of the lanes on either side, thanks to on-camera dewarping.

Spot A Roadway Accident

Capture detail such as roadway debris, driver images, and license plate numbers with ease.

A Leisurely Drive in Ultra-HD

Get behind the wheel for a pleasant ride. (UHD available.)

Ambarella CV3 Launch

Introducing the new CV3 domain controller SoC family.

Automotive Applications

  • Front ADAS Cameras

    This forward-facing camera is positioned behind the rearview mirror, enabling functions such as automatic emergency braking (AEB), lane departure warning (LDW), forward collision warning (FCW), and more. Front ADAS cameras require rapid computer vision processing at high resolutions and extremely low power (due to an inherently small form factor), all of which are critical for long-distance object detection with a wide field-of-view (for functions such as cross-traffic detection, required by Euro NCAP), making Ambarella solutions ideally suited for the task.

  • Driver Monitoring Systems and In-Cabin Monitoring

    DMS and in-cabin monitoring systems allow the tracking of driver alertness as well as passenger-related data that can assist with the deployment of safety features (e.g., airbags). Ambarella’s hardware processes our customers’ interior-sensing algorithms at high speeds and with low power consumption, even at night (via onboard RGB-IR processing), which results in exceptional performance without compromising efficiency. Our DMS solutions can even be integrated with complementary camera applications, including electronic mirror, front-camera ADAS, high-resolution recording, and more.

  • Smart Electronic Mirrors

    Ambarella’s rearview and side-view electronic mirror solutions enhance the visibility of traffic, filter out distracting glare and LED flickering from headlights, and offer intelligent safety features such as Blindspot Monitoring and Overtaking Vehicle Detection – and we do it all with ultra-low latency, delivering the same fluid viewing experience provided by optical mirrors.

  • 360° Surround View Systems with Parking Assist

    Ambarella’s 360-degree surround view solution uses multiple cameras to present a single, unified image of the vehicle from a top-down, bird’s eye view. Offering both 2D and 3D operations, intelligent parking assist features, as well as recording and streaming capabilities, Ambarella’s four-channel surround view systems provide drivers with unobstructed, distortion-free views of the vehicle from every side.

  • Partial to Fully Autonomous Solutions

    Ambarella’s autonomous technologies have performed successfully in a variety of demanding scenarios, including the DARPA Grand Challenge (2005), a trip from Italy to China in full autonomous mode (2010), and driverless navigation at highway speeds (2015). Today Ambarella continues to advance its research in critical areas of autonomous vehicle development, such as vehicle detection, obstacle detection, pedestrian detection, lane detection, traffic sign recognition, stereovision processing, and terrain mapping, as well as issues related to commercialization and mass production, enabling us to design optimal platforms for applications ranging from L2+ autopilot to full autonomy.

  • Automotive Video Recorders

    When the primary goal is to capture the highest-quality video—whether to test vehicle performance, to gather critical evidence, or purely for the enjoyment of the road—Ambarella is an established leader in the field, offering both aftermarket and OEM drive recording solutions. We offer single- and multi-channel recorders with automotive-level certification and optional front ADAS features.

  • Fleet Management Solutions

    Building on our proven success in powering aftermarket and OEM dash cameras (over 20 million units sold to date), Ambarella has become a leader in AI-based fleet management hardware, offering advanced automotive-grade processors designed to evaluate risky driving behaviors while delivering high-quality, recordable imagery.

Automotive Software Partners

Automotive Milestones

  • 1998
    Traversed 1,240 miles on Italian highways in autonomous mode (obstacle and lane detection, stereo matching)
  • 2005
    Successfully completed the DARPA Grand Challenge – a 132-mile off-road course in driverless mode (trinocular system, edge-based stereo processing)
  • 2010
    Drove autonomously from Italy to China – over 8,000 miles (obstacle detection and terrain mapping with dense disparity map)
  • 2011
    Established a leadership position in the aftermarket dash camera segment
  • 2013
    Performed complex urban driving in L4 autonomous mode (downtown driving in real traffic conditions)
  • 2014
    Launched our first 4-channel automotive system
  • 2015
    Demonstrated driverless navigation at highway speeds (360° multi-sensor coverage fusing stereovision and range sensors)
  • 2016
    Featured in Toyota and Honda OEM drive recording cameras
  • 2016
    Entered the electronic mirror market in cooperation with Gentex Corporation
  • 2018
    Unveiled EVA – our stereovision-based, self-driving demonstration vehicle with the entire perception stack running on our CV chips
  • 2019
    Announced partnerships with HELLA Aglaia (top-50 global supplier) and Smart Eye (leader in Driver Monitoring Systems and In-Cabin Monitoring)
  • 2019
    Announced partnerships with Momenta (for the development of an open HD map platform) and OFilm (for the development of an advanced automated valet parking platform)
  • 2020
    Unveiled multiple AI chips with ASIL-B compliance to enable safety-critical applications
  • 2021
    Motional selects Ambarella CVflow® AI vision processors for its driverless vehicles

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