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Cooper™ Developer Platform

Ambarella’s Cooper™ Developer Platform is a comprehensive hardware and software solution for edge AI systems, providing powerful, safe, and secure compute and software capabilities. It includes Cooper Metal for industrial-grade hardware, along with Cooper Foundry, which provides a multi-layer software stack featuring Cooper Core, Cooper Foundation, Cooper Vision and Cooper UX.

Performance, Power-Efficiency and Security at the Edge

Cooper provides a flexible, modular developer environment supporting Ambarella’s entire portfolio of AI SoCs, including the following software modules:

  • Cooper Core offers Linux-based OS, compilers and SDK
  • Cooper Foundation for building and deploying machine learning applications at the edge
  • Cooper Vision includes essential building blocks for multi-modal sensor processing and fusion,
    including data from cameras, radars and LiDARs
  • Cooper UX for analytics and development

In addition to our comprehensive suite of prepackaged development tools, this platform also offers seamless integration with widely used open-source software tools.


Cooper enables a broad range of AI applications, from robotics to AIoT, industrial intelligent video analytics solutions to video conferencing.