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Application / Consumer

We capture the world’s adventures.

Our products are featured in many of the most iconic consumer video devices ever sold, including action cameras, wearables, high-end drones, aftermarket drive recorders, and 360° VR applications.


Technology in Action

Feel As Though You’re There

Be transported to the center of a volcanic eruption—billowing gases, ash, and volcanic debris.

Coney Island Aerial Tour

Take a beautiful aerial tour of the Coney Island boardwalk in Brooklyn, NYC. (UHD available.)

Tour Switzerland!

Footage from the Yi+ 4K Sports Cam, with our H2 chip on board.

Best In Video Effects

Add time-lapse effects and more, without sacrificing detail, whether on land, sea, or air.

4K Downhill Run

A gorgeous 4K downhill compilation (Yi+ with our H2 chip on board).

Virtual Reality – At a Crossroads

Stand at an intersection in Shinjuku, Tokyo, and have a look. (Click and drag to reorient.)

Virtual Reality – Take the Ride

Click and drag during this video of a bike ride and become immersed in the experience.

Intelligent Wearable Solutions

Our vision for wearable and VR cameras—smart editing, AR, and more.

Consumer Applications

  • Sports/Action Cameras

    Ambarella’s high-performance sports cameras deliver HD and UHD video from breathtaking perspectives, whether on land, in air, or at sea. Our solutions offer advanced EIS, wireless connectivity, smart editing, 360° support, and low-power operations for extended battery life.

  • Aftermarket Dash Cameras

    When the primary goal is to capture the highest-quality video—whether to test vehicle performance, to gather critical evidence, or purely for the enjoyment of the road—Ambarella is an established leader in the field, offering both aftermarket and OEM drive recording solutions.  We offer single- and multi-channel recorders with automotive-level certification and optional front ADAS features.

  • VR Cameras

    Ambarella offers affordable handheld VR devices that deliver professional-quality 4K/UHD video to consumer markets, enabling 360° video capture at resolutions typically reserved for commercial applications. An available on-chip stitching unit smoothly and seamlessly fuses the outputs of multiple sensors into a single 360-degree spherical video in real time at extremely low power, enabling instant share and live broadcast.

  • Drones

    With advanced computer vision features such as obstacle avoidance, target tracking, and fully autonomous navigation, Ambarella is transforming drones into indispensable tools for both business and recreation.  We start with superior image quality—offering HDR processing, advanced 3D electronic image stabilization, and 4K resolution—but image quality is only the beginning. From there, we use a collection of advanced computer vision algorithms to enable intelligent features such as target tracking, GPS-denied precise visual localization, multipoint navigation, and more.

  • Wearables

    Whether used for entertainment, enhanced personal security, or aiding law enforcement, our wearable solutions deliver superior low-light performance, advanced EIS, HD streaming capability, ultra-low power operation, industry-leading compression for smaller file sizes, and an incredible degree of responsiveness, transitioning from a powered-off state to an image-capture state in under a second.  We also offer support for smart features such as face recognition, person-of-interest tracking, and augmented reality.

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