Our Technology in Action





  • Tour Switzerland!

    Footage from the Yi+ 4K Sports Cam, with our H2 chip on board.

  • Ambarella Goes Everywhere

    On a bike, on a car, on a plane... on a step-ladder used as a bridge across a precipice? Yes.

  • Best in Video Effects

    Add time-lapse effects and more, without sacrificing detail, whether on land, sea, or air.

  • 4K Downhill Run

    A gorgeous 4K downhill compilation (Yi+ with our H2 chip on board).

Virtual Reality

  • At a Crossroads

    Stand at an intersection in Shinjuku, Tokyo, and have a look. (Click and drag to reorient.)

  • Take the Ride

    Click and drag during this video of a bike ride and become immersed in the experience.



  • Ambarella Timeline (2004-2019)

    Ambarella has a history of turning cutting-edge ideas into mass-market products.

  • Welcome to Ambarella

    Beautiful imagery from around the world, captured using Ambarella's technologies.

  • Up Close with Your Best Friend

    As close as we can get to understanding the joy felt by a dog during a simple car ride.

  • Life in 4K

    A collection of life's adventures -- from driving in Japan, to climbing an iceberg -- in ultra high-definition.