Smart Home Monitoring Products

Ambarella’s home monitoring solutions—including battery-powered IP cameras and video doorbell solutions—are compact, power-efficient, and intelligently responsive, capturing top-quality video of the most critical events at the right time, regardless of lighting conditions.

  • Computer vision features including CNN-based object classification, pet and person recognition, package detection, voice-operated command functionality, and intelligent alerts
  • Small form-factor designs and power-saving features such as Quick Motion Detect that extend battery life
  • Groundbreaking encoding technologies deliver dramatic compression improvements over competitive solutions, resulting in significant cost savings for cloud-based storage services, even when streaming 4K video

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Intelligent Professional Surveillance Products

Ideal for products ranging from smart 2-Megapixel IP cameras to advanced 4K multi-imagers, Ambarella’s professional surveillance solutions are redefining expectations of commercial security camera performance, offering a range of advanced technologies, including:

  • Computer vision features such as license plate recognition, retail behavior analysis, face recognition, and CNN-based object classification
  • Up to 4Kp60 (8MP @ 60fps) performance
  • On-chip lens distortion correction, dual video inputs, 4K multi-exposure HDR fusion, and intelligent video content analysis capabilities
  • Ultra low-light processing

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