Smart Drone Camera Solutions

Video is driving demand for drones in commercial, scientific, and consumer markets. From aerial photography to high-speed racing to autonomous package delivery, drones require high-quality low-latency video to function effectively.

Our drone solutions start with superior image quality—offering HDR processing, advanced 3D electronic image stabilization, and 4K resolution—but image quality is only the beginning. From there, we use a collection of advanced computer vision algorithms to enable intelligent features such as target tracking, GPS-denied precise visual localization, multipoint navigation, and more.

  • Intelligent navigation ranging from obstacle avoidance to full autonomy
  • 4Kp60 video output
  • Advanced EIS enhances image stabilization even in high winds
  • Extremely low power consumption, allowing for small-form-factor camera design and development
  • Low-delay streaming for drone racing platforms

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