Ambarella A7 IP Camera SoC Brings 1080p60 Performance into the Video Surveillance Mainstream
Santa Clara, California

A7 Provides HD Multi-Streaming at Exceptionally Low Power for Next Generation IP Cameras

Ambarella, Inc., a leader in low-power, HD video compression and image processing semiconductors, today announced the A7 IP Camera SoC, bringing high-quality 1080p60 H.264 performance to the video surveillance market.  The A7 integrates a high performance image sensor pipeline with up to 500 MHz pixel capture rate with a multi-streaming 1080p60 H.264 encoder and power consumption below 1.5 Watts.

The A7 leverages Ambarella’s professional broadcast encoding and 3D noise reduction technology to deliver high-quality video at exceptionally low bitrates, even in complex high-motion and low-light scenes.  A wide selection of CMOS sensors are supported, including the newest generation of 14 megapixel resolution and Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) devices.  Ambarella will demonstrate the A7 performance during the International Security Conference & Expo (ISC West 2011) to be held in Las Vegas, April 6-8 (

“As Ambarella’s flagship SoC for IP cameras, the new A7 delivers flexible, 1080p60 high-definition capabilities for the next generation of IP cameras,” said Fermi Wang, President & CEO of Ambarella.  “The A7 extends our growing IP camera product portfolio and further demonstrates Ambarella’s commitment to the video surveillance market.”

The A7 offers a number of industry-firsts and innovations for IP camera applications:

  • 500 MHz pixel capture rate (equivalent to 8 Megapixels at 60 frames per second) – supports oversampling for the highest image quality and enables multi-window digital Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ).

  • 3D motion compensated noise reduction eliminates the motion smearing and ghosting artifacts that are commonly associated with motion adaptive 3D filtering.

  • Digital WDR adjusts the contrast of each pixel to enhance visibility in challenging lighting conditions.

  • Flexible video engine delivers up to 1080p60 + VGA H.264 High Profile encoding, or the combination of streams, such as two 1080p30, four 720p30 streams, or 5 Megapixel at 24 fps.

  • Flexible multiple-stream encoding with independent frame rate, resolution, bit rate, Group of Pictures (GOP) and profile.   Achieves optimal encoding efficiency for both storage and viewing streams.

  • Large motion estimation search range and support for hierarchical B-frames enable high compression efficiency and superior motion handling.

  • Sub-frame encoding delay for improved real-time communications.

  • Low power consumption (below 1.5W) improves reliability, simplifies design, and enables compact form factors.

Pricing and Availability
The A7 IP Camera SoC is sampling now for qualified customers.  Pricing information may be obtained directly from Ambarella at or by calling +1-408-734-8888.

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Ambarella is a technology leader in low-power, high-definition video compression and image processing solutions.  Ambarella products are helping to define a new class of hybrid consumer digital cameras that combine unmatched high-definition video and digital still images together in one device.  Many top brand cameras and camcorders use Ambarella SoCs and are shipping worldwide.  Ambarella technology is also widely used in television broadcasting with a significant amount of TV programming worldwide being transmitted using Ambarella compression chips.  Additionally, Ambarella SoCs are well-suited to drive the latest generation of high-definition security IP cameras.  Ambarella is the recipient of the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) 2010 award for “Most Respected Private Semiconductor Company”.  For more information about Ambarella, please visit

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