Curious where AI is headed? Look to the world’s largest automotive market.

Travel through any major city in China, from Shanghai to Beijing, and you’re likely to see artificial intelligence solutions on the roads today.

Automated parking assistance, driver monitoring systems on public transportation, and other intelligent ADAS applications are already seeing widespread use across the mainland. And consumer research suggests that this is only the beginning.

According to a recent report by McKinsey & Company:

  • Close to 50% of respondents in China indicated a strong interest in ADAS solutions, including automated parking, adaptive cruise control (ACC), lane-keeping support (LKS), and collision avoidance systems. Automotive camera perception-related products were shown to be particularly appealing.
  • Approximately 80% of Chinese consumers would be willing to trade in their cars and use a shared autonomous driving service as an alternative. This is more than twice the acceptance rate found in Germany and the U.S.

All of this suggests that Chinese car consumers—with a reputation for high expectations and a sophisticated understanding of digital technology—will continue to embrace artificial intelligence in transportation, both private and shared.

What’s coming next?

As automakers in the region move toward L2+ levels of autonomy (referring to enhanced ADAS capabilities and semi-autonomous features such as hands-on, supervised self-driving), we at Ambarella expect the number of cameras on each car to dramatically increase, which in turn will increase the demand for automotive camera perception applications. In anticipation of this demand, we have developed a rich AI product line, covering the entire range of sensing, viewing, and recording applications in automotive. And we’ve made significant progress in deploying our SoCs.

The Ambarella solutions below are being actively promoted or deployed in China for both passenger and commercial fleet vehicles. Our current list of publicly announced partners includes Geely, GWM, SAIC, Changan, BAIC, Dongfeng-Nissan, and Dongfeng-RENAULT.

What are our advantages in the region?

  • Quality: with over 250 million chips sold to date (25 million of which have been used to develop automotive DVRs), we have a rich history of developing mass-market products that deliver high-performance, low-power video for sensing and viewing applications, including those in which automotive functional safety is required.
  • Value: we offer a combination of high resolution, strong image quality, top-tier computer vision performance, and multi-channel recording capabilities, while remaining a leader in low power consumption.
  • Commitment: with offices in both Shanghai and Shenzhen employing hundreds of engineers for over fifteen years, we offer strong development support locally.

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