SANY Group and Ambarella Announce Strategic Cooperation to Accelerate Implementation of CV3-AD Domain Controller-Based Intelligent Driving Systems
Santa Clara, CA

CHANGSHA CITY, China and SANTA CLARA, Calif., April 3, 2024 — SANY Group (SANY), a worldwide leader in the commercial vehicle industry, and Ambarella, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMBA), an edge AI semiconductor company, announced a strategic cooperation focused on advanced mobility solutions for the global market.

SANY agreed to leverage Ambarella’s powerful CV3-AD family of automotive AI domain controller systems-on-chip (SoCs) to develop advanced automated driving solutions, and to achieve technical validation and deployment on its next-gen commercial vehicles and special-purpose vehicles. At the same time, both parties will collaborate on the joint development of high-performance and highly integrated automated driving solutions, as well as jointly promoting them in the market, with the goal of achieving start-of-production for the first collaborative vehicle model by calendar year 2025.

During last week’s meeting to finalize this collaboration, Xiang Wenbo, rotating chairman of SANY Group, and chairman of SANY Heavy Industry, extended a warm welcome to the arrival of Fermi Wang, president and CEO of Ambarella. Wenbo presented SANY’s vigorous implementation of the company’s “globalization, digitalization and decarbonization” strategy, in the face of the immense technology opportunity brought by the combination of the fourth industrial revolution and the third energy revolution. Based on SANY Group’s future development strategy, as well as the explosive development and wide application of artificial intelligence, Wenbo expressed that there are broad prospects for this new SANY-Ambarella cooperation, and he hopes to deepen and expand cooperation further for a mutually successful future.

Wang expressed that Ambarella’s strategic development direction aligns closely with that of SANY Group, particularly in terms of digitalization and decarbonization. He elaborated that Ambarella’s AI SoCs lead the industry with their low power consumption, high performance and outstanding image processing capabilities. With a rich and comprehensive SoC product portfolio, Ambarella has demonstrated its capability across various fields of automotive intelligent driving. For instance, its CV2 SoC family, based on 10nm manufacturing process technology, has shipped over 20 million units. Additionally, the CV3-AD family, based on a 5nm automotive-grade process, can provide industry-leading AI processing performance. For example, the CV3-AD SoCs can support birds-eye-view (BEV) transformer neural networks, which enable precise perception and fusion without high-precision maps, city navigation on autopilot (NOA), planning, control and may other autonomous driving functions, thereby providing strong support for intelligent driving.

By incorporating Ambarella’s CV3-AD AI domain control SoCs and leveraging SANY Group’s leading position in the industry, both parties will accelerate the large-scale application of advanced intelligent solutions in commercial vehicles and special-purpose vehicles. This strategic cooperation also aims to address the labor shortages in engineering operations and lead the new trend of unmanned machine operations.

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