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Our Technology in Action


Smooth at High Speeds

Pause this high-speed video at any point and you'll see an exquisite level of detail.

Wide Field of View

Get a clear picture of the lanes on either side, thanks to on-camera dewarping.

Spot a Roadway Accident

Capture detail such as roadway debris, driver images, and license plate numbers with ease.

Driving in Low Light

Ambarella delivers superior video quality even in challenging light conditions.


Capture Unexpected Moments

A baby rolls for the first time - captured on a security camera.

Record Critical Details

Security cam footage with enough detail to read signs, license plates, even facial expressions.


Slow-Mo in the Snow

Ambarella's high frame-rate recording creates the smoothest slow-motion effect possible.

Ambarella Goes Everywhere

On a bike, on a car, on a plane... on a step-ladder used as a bridge across a precipice? Yes.

Best in Video Effects

Add time-lapse effects and more, without sacrificing detail, whether on land, sea, or air.

Speed Riding

Hike up one side of a mountain, paraglide down the other side.


Feel as Though You're There

Be transported to the center of a volcanic eruption -- billowing gases, ash, and volcanic debris.

Up Close with Your Best Friend

As close as we can get to understanding the joy felt by a dog during a simple car ride.

Take to the Skies

See the world from a bird's-eye view, capturing every detail.

Riding on Pyrotechnics

A drone takes you close enough to see individual sparks in a spectacular Fourth of July fireworks show.